Surviving a seller’s market

Surviving a seller’s market, the buyer’s preparedness kit.

  • Rely on your REALTOR® for information.
    Online information can be out of date, your REALTOR® is your best resource in a fast moving market!
  • Waiting for the perfect home?
    There is no such thing.
  • Commit to being on call.
    New listings can sell in one day.  Make sure you are as available as possible.
  • Believing what you see on home shows?
    It’s never that perfect.
  • Come prepared.
    Get pre-qualified and come prepared with a pre-approval letter and proof of funds from your bank.
  • Planning to make major purchases?
    This can change your credit and blow your financing.
  • Ditch the “if’s”
    Limit your contingencies as much as you can.
  • Are you making major life changes?
    New jobs or changing marital status can be good things, but no in this case.
  • Negotiate wisely.
    A seller’s market is not the time to bring in low offers.
  • You shouldn’t settle on something you will regret.
    You have to act fast in a seller’s market, but when you know something isn’t right for you, listen to yourself.

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Low Inventory Levels in Idaho

Did you know that inventory levels in Idaho are at all time lows?  If the inventory is lower, there is higher demand, which helps homes sell faster.  This is a great time to contact Kim Cooper of Select Brokers LLC to sell your home!

You and Your REALTOR® make a Winning Team!

When you and your REALTOR® work together, you create a powerful, winning team with the same common goal: selling your home!

Your REALTOR® can advise you on preparing to put your home on the market.  Plus they can market your home, put it in the MLS, and help determine the best price.  Then when you get an offer, your REALTOR® can review documents and offers, negotiate, and ensure a timely transaction takes place!

You can help your REALTOR® sell your home by keeping it clean, inside and out, repairing and replacing where needed, and overall, keep your home ready to show.  Your REALTOR® can help advise you on best practices for showing your home, and what things would be smart to repair or replace.

Call REALTOR® Kim Cooper of Select Brokers LLC to help you sell your home!

REALTORS® offer a human touch

The Internet can’t replace a friendly face, and REALTORS® offer a human touch during the process of buying and selling real estate.  A REALTOR® with high ethical standards should guard your best interest and protect your private property rights during the sale or purchase of real estate.  With knowledge of their unique real estate market, they can use their negotiation skills, understand & adapt to changing situations, help with conflict resolution and use emotional intelligence to oversee a positive transaction.  Contact Kim Cooper of Select Brokers LLC today for personalized advice and the empathy you should expect from a professional REALTOR®.

REALTOR® Political Action Committee is working for you!

Look!  It’s Super REALTOR®!  The REALTOR® political action committee is working to preserve your private property rights and keep home ownership affordable for you.

  • Oppose transfer taxes on real estate
  • Property tax reform
  • Oppose rent control
  • Support economic development
  • Review and improvement of building codes
  • Oppose sales tax on services
  • Work to regulate eminent domain
  • Support urban renewal
  • Work to eliminate personal property tax

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