Kootenai County Housing Snapshot for January 2016 through December 2016

Did you know, Idaho is a non-disclosure state.
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Below is a snapshot of the Kootenai County housing market for January 2016 through December 2016:

  • Homes Sold YTD December 2016
    3255 (Up 12% from December 2015)
  • Median Home Price
    $222,000 (Up 9% from December 2015)
  • Active Residential Listings
    1153 (Down 1.6% from December 2015)
  • Days on Market
    98 (Down 6.7% from December 2015)

Click here for a more detailed look at our Kootenai County housing statistics.

Data is provided by the Coeur d’Alene Multiple Listing Service and may not reflect all real estate activity in the market. January through December 2016. Site Built homes on under 2 acres.

“Granting” Opportunities

NAR (National Association of REALTORS®) grants help REALTORS® make differences in their communities.  In January of 2016, the Idaho REALTORS® challenged each of their local associations to take advantage of a variety of grants that are available through the National Association of REALTORS®.  Grants “granted” associations opportunities to do many things throughout Idaho. View the image with this post to see how those grants were used throughout Idaho.

Kim Cooper, Select Brokers LLC.
As me how a grant could help improve our community.

Idaho REALTORS® Care!

Below are ways that Idaho REALTORS® helped their communities in 2016:

  • Hundreds of projects were completed that focused on improving the quality of living for communities across Idaho.
  • Over 1,500 hours were volunteered toward community service and improvement projects.
  • Over $250,000 dollars were donated to charitable organizations, schools, veterans, and more!

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Don’t let generic data limit your housing search.

When searching for properties online, you may need to find a home to fit your family, something you can afford, you may have special exceptions, and need to see all the houses that are available that meet your criteria.  Depending solely on generic data may filter out homes in your area that would otherwise be perfect for you.  An expert in your market like REALTOR® Kim Cooper of Select Brokers LLC can help you find the right home for you and your family and broaden your search beyond just what you may find with generic data.

How does big data target you?

We live in an information-era where companies are able to compile a great deal of data about people based on their web browsing habits, social media usage, location, shopping trends online, and more.  By tracking this information, some real estate websites may already be using “big data” that knows the cars you drive, your age, relatives in the area, hobbies, your job, marital status, age of your kids, move history, and other pertinent facts. But just because they may think they have all the information about you doesn’t mean that they know what home is right for you or everything about the area where you are searching.

Instead of exclusively using the Internet and online resources to find your home, work with REALTOR®, Kim Cooper, to find the right home for you as he knows the North Idaho market and can talk with you personally to discuss your actual buying needs.  Please contact REALTOR® Kim Cooper of Select Brokers LLC today if you are looking to buy a home in Coeur d’Alene or the North Idaho area.

Sell safely by hiring a REALTOR®

It is important to know how to stay safe when selling your home in order to protect your family, home, valuables and your financial investment.  Work with REALTOR® Kim Cooper of Select Brokers LLC and ask for advice about keeping safe during the selling process.

Hiring a professional REALTOR® makes a big difference.

As most of us know, there’s a big difference between finding answers regarding our health on medical-based websites and going to the Doctor.

The same is true when researching real estate information. When it comes to buying or selling your home, there’s a huge difference between the random information you find online and the information you will get from a professional and experienced REALTOR® like Kim Cooper of Select Brokers LLC. Click here to learn more about Kim Cooper and how he will work for you as your REALTOR®.

Last week in this blog we learned the powerful benefits of having a professional REALTOR® on your side when selling your home.

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Have an expert REALTOR® on your side

Have you been trying to sell your home without a REALTOR®?  Having an expert on your side means less stress for you and better results.

Here are a few great benefits of working with a REALTOR® like Kim Cooper to sell your home:

  • Have an experienced negotiator on your side
  • Know how to get to closing! (Inspections and repairs)
  • Get great exposure for your home through Kim’s marketing
  • Understand the paperwork and selling process
  • Gain access to buyers
  • Have safety and security
  • Save yourself time
  • Increase the possibility of selling faster and for more money!

Create a win-win situation when you choose to work with Kim Cooper of Select Brokers LLC to sell your home or property!

Can you get more for your listing?

Did you know that a REALTOR® assisted transaction will typically sell for more than a “for sale by owner’s”?  In 2015, the national median sale price for houses was $245,000 while the median sale price for FSBOs was just $210,000!

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