Feel the LOVE of home ownership!

Feel the love of home ownership! There are lending options for every buyer, and you don’t always need 20% down! The attached informational graphic shows some great data found via a recent study by the National Association of REALTORS® about home buying and lending options.

Also, be sure to contact REALTOR® Kim Cooper of Select Brokers LLC about any other questions you may have about buying real estate in North Idaho!

How do interest rates affect buying power?

Lower interest rates equals more buying power! See the attached chart for an illustration of how purchasing a home at $150,000, and financing it over 30 years, can potentially affect your monthly payment and buying power. Numbers on the chart reflect principal and interest only. Contact your REALTOR® Kim Cooper of Select Brokers LLC about buying a home now while interest rates are still at an all-time low!

Don’t forget your New Year’s resolutions!

Contact REALTOR® Kim Cooper of Select Brokers LLC about the benefits of buying a home in North Idaho if you have goals like the ones below and are ready to get them off paper and into reality:

  • Acquire a tax write-off
  • Improve my family’s quality of life
  • Earn tax deferrable income
  • Improve my children’s education
  • Help create jobs and growth in my community
  • Build my family’s wealth
  • Save for a 20% 0% down payment
  • Buy a home!

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Flexibility comes with owning your own home.

There are so many benefits to owning your own home, and to name just a few: cost savings, tax benefits, opportunity to build and increase wealth in equity, be your own “home boss”, potential for rental income, greater sense of belonging in your community, own your dream garage, creative freedom for remodeling, host louder parties, choose your paint colors, no upstairs neighbors, and own pets! Talk to your REALTOR® Kim Cooper of Select Brokers LLC about the benefits of owning and buying your own home in North Idaho!

Moving out

We have discussed here before “the roll” of real estate. That is the term used to describe how the market moves upward and inward following the major interstate highways of our region. Due to the impact rising prices are having in major cities along the west coast we are seeing in migration from those cities as sellers capture equity and take the opportunity to get out of high priced, high traffic, high crime and high anxiety metropolitan areas.

Our area is so desirable that even in the winter months we are receiving buyer visits from California, Oregon and Washington states attracted by our scenic beauty, affordable real estate and lack of all the pressures of where they came from. As reported by the Case Schiller Housing index Seattle, Portland
and Denver saw the highest year-over-year gains among the 20 cities reviewed over each of the last nine months. In October, Seattle led the way with a 10.7 percent year-over-year price increase, followed by Portland with 10.3 percent and Denver with an 8.3 percent increase.

For us Seattle and Portland have the most impact although we have noticed some Colorado license plates cruising North Idaho these last couple months. The reality is that for many of these people in high performing real estate markets, everything they see here is a bargain compared to where they are coming from.

In mid-summer the average Portland, Oregon home price was $412,000. The Portland market is the first place many of those escaping California put down roots since real estate is cheaper there. At that same time the Seattle Times reported that “The price of the typical single-family house across King, Snohomish and Pierce counties has now risen 53 percent in just four years.” The average price then was $560,000, still much cheaper than a Bay area home at $712,000.

When people from these areas pick up a local paper and see that the rare murder is front page news – for several days in a row – and that our crime section shows largely DUIs, petite theft and possession of paraphernalia they are amazed. In many metropolitan areas murders are commonplace, armed robberies the course of the day and road rage an occurrence during the average commute.

It is no wonder then that at year’s end we see an increase in our sales of properties of $500,000 to $999,999 properties. The types of equity people are realizing from sale of their properties in the areas described above make our Multiple Listing Service average price of $240,147 a real bargain. One visitor recently explained that it is very hard not to think of every property viewed as one that should be taken advantage of because it is so cheap.

History would dictate that it is only a matter of time before our own average prices reach beyond $300,000 but at that time imagine what the emigrating home sellers will be getting paid to leave the metros they will still want to escape. Who can blame them?

Home Ownership and The American Dream

Did you know that 87% of consumers still believe that home ownership is part of the American Dream? If you’re dreaming of home ownership, you’re not alone. The beginning of a new year is the perfect time to start planning and setting goals. If home ownership is one of your goals this year, please contact Kim Cooper of Select Brokers LLC to start your home buying process.

Truth in taxes: a brutally honest assessment of our finances

With the end of the year comes the brutally honest truth of your finances through taxes. There are many factors to consider as we all approach this tax season. If you bought a new house, moved, bought land, or completed other real estate transactions, there are important money saving questions to ask an accountant. With drastic finance changes, it is especially important to treat this tax season differently and get help. Kim Cooper, Select Brokers LLC.

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Don’t let generic data limit your housing search.

When searching for properties online, you may need to find a home to fit your family, something you can afford, you may have special exceptions, and need to see all the houses that are available that meet your criteria.  Depending solely on generic data may filter out homes in your area that would otherwise be perfect for you.  An expert in your market like REALTOR® Kim Cooper of Select Brokers LLC can help you find the right home for you and your family and broaden your search beyond just what you may find with generic data.

How does big data target you?

We live in an information-era where companies are able to compile a great deal of data about people based on their web browsing habits, social media usage, location, shopping trends online, and more.  By tracking this information, some real estate websites may already be using “big data” that knows the cars you drive, your age, relatives in the area, hobbies, your job, marital status, age of your kids, move history, and other pertinent facts. But just because they may think they have all the information about you doesn’t mean that they know what home is right for you or everything about the area where you are searching.

Instead of exclusively using the Internet and online resources to find your home, work with REALTOR®, Kim Cooper, to find the right home for you as he knows the North Idaho market and can talk with you personally to discuss your actual buying needs.  Please contact REALTOR® Kim Cooper of Select Brokers LLC today if you are looking to buy a home in Coeur d’Alene or the North Idaho area.